Joint expropriation
一般因素 General factors
乙種建築用地 Type B building lands
人工島嶼 Artificial islands
三角測量 Triangulation
土地改良物 Improvement on land
土地所有權人 The landowners
土地所有權狀 Land ownership certificate
土地重劃 Land readjustment
土地測量 Land survey
土地登記 Land registration
土地登記簿 Land register
土地開發分析法 Land development analysis approach
土地債卷 Land bonds
土地增值稅 Land value increment tax
土地徵收 Land expropriation
土地徵收審議委員會 The Land Expropriation Examination Committee
土地總登記 General registration of land
土地權利信託登記 Registration of the trust of land rights
土地權利變更登記 Registration of changes in land rights
大陸地區人民 People of the Mainland Area
大陸礁層 Continental shelf
山坡地保育區 Hillside conservation zones
工本費 Expenses fees
工業用地 Industrial land
不在地主 Absentee landlord
不在地主 Absentee landlords
不動產 Real estate
不動產出租、出售委託契約書 An entrusted contract of renting, selling real estate
不動產估價師 Real estate appraiser
不動產估價師公會 Real Estate Appraiser Guild
不動產估價師懲戒委員會 A Disciplinary Committee for Real Estate Appraisers
不動產承租、承購要約書 An offering document of rental, purchase
不動產糾紛調處委員會 The Committee on Real Estate Dispute Conciliation
不動產租賃、買賣契約書 A contract of the sale and purchase, the lease of real estate
不動產經紀人 Real estate brokers
不動產經紀人證書 Certificates of real estate brokers
不動產經紀業 Real estate broking
不動產經紀營業員 Assistant real estate brokers
不動產說明書 An instruction of real estate
中央地政機關 The Central Land Administration
公共設施保留地 Land reserved for the public infrastructure
公有土地 Public land
公告土地現值 Current land value
公開抽籤 Public ballot
戶地測量 Parcel survey
比較法 Sales comparison approach
比較標的 The comparable property
水尺 Tide stave
主要作物正產品全年收穫總量 The total annual harvest of the principal product of its main crops
主登記 Principal registration
他項權利登記 Registration of other rights
他項權利證明書 Other rights certificate
出租人 Lessor
外國人取得土地權利 Foreigners to acquire land rights
平均地權 The equalization of land rights
正常基線 Normal baseline
正常價格 Market value
永佃權 Permanent lease
田賦 Agricultural land tax
申報地價 Declared land value
交通水利用地 Land used for communication and water conservancy
全球定位系統 Global Positioning System,簡稱 GPS
同一供需圈 Primary market area
地上權 Superficies
地役權 Easement
地政士 Land administration agents
地政士證書 Certificates of Land Administration Agents
地政機關 Land office
地段圖 Pracellary plan
地價稅 Land value tax
地價評議委員會 Land evaluation committee
地籍 Cadaster
地籍測量 Cadastral survey
地籍圖 Cadastral map
地籍總歸戶冊(卡) General registers of landowners
地權 Land rights
成本法 Cost approach
成屋 Readily available house
收件簿 Records of applications received
收益法 Income approach
收益資本化率 Capitalization rate
有效總收入 Effective gross income
百分率法 Percentage method
自用住宅用地 Owner-occupied residential land
自耕 Owner-cultivation
住址變更登記 Registration of change in domicile
佃農 Tenants
更正登記 Registration of rectification
更名登記 Registration of change in name
系統規範 The Rules governing the system
典權 Dien
底土 Subsoil
所有權 Ownership
所有權變更登記 Registration of change of ownership
承租人 Lessee
承租權 Leasehold
抵押權 Mortgage
抵價地 Land for compensation
拆遷戶安置計畫 Resettlement of demolished households
林業用地 Forestry lands
法定地上權登記 Registration of statutory superficies
法院判決 Judicial decision
物理耐用年數 Physical life
直接生產用地 Land used for direct production
直線基線 Straight baseline
空地 Vacant land
近鄰地區 Neighborhood area
附記登記 Accessory registration
非都市土地 Non-urban land
非都市土地容許使用 Non-urban land permitting use
非都市土地變更編定 Non-urban land converting classification
契約書 Written contracts
建物所有權第一次登記 Initial registration of constructional improvements ownership
建物登記簿 Constructional improvements register
建物價格日期當時價值未來每年折舊提存率 Future recapture rate based upon the value on the date of value opinion
建築用地 Land used for construction
建築改良物 Constructional improvements
重力測量 Gravimetry
重大建設投資 Investments in major infrastructure projects
重大修繕費 Substantial replacement allowance
重建成本 Reconstruction cost
重新規定地價 Reassessment of land value
重置成本 Replacement cost
重劃 Readjustment
限制登記 Registration of restriction
限定價格 Specific market value
個別因素 Individual factors
個別因素調整 Individual factor adjustments
原住民 The aboriginal people (The indigenous people)
原住民保留地 The lands reserved for aboriginal people
原規定地價或前次移轉現值 “The value of land originally assessed” or “the value of land at the penultimate transfer”
差額地價 The difference of land value
差額法 Dollar method
書狀換給或補給登記 Registration of the exchange and re-issue of the certificate
書狀費 Certificates fees
消滅登記 Registration of deletion
海床 Seabed
海底電纜 Submarine cable
海圖 Chart
浮標 Float
特定價格 Specified-market value
耕地三七五減租 The 37.5% arable land rental reduction
耕作權 Cultivation
荒地 Uncultivated land
荒地稅 Uncultivated land tax
財務計畫 Financial liquidation
迴歸分析法 Regression analysis method
高程測量 Leveling
勘估標的 The subject property
勘察日期 Date of property inspection
區段徵收 Zone expropriation
區段徵收後地價 Post zone expropriation land value
區域因素 Local factors
區域因素調整 Local factor adjustments
基線 Baseline
專屬經濟海域 Economic zone
情況調整 Condition adjustments
探勘 Exploration
淨收益 Net operating income
累積折舊額 Accrued depreciation
規定地價 Assessment of land value
逕為登記 Registration of direct
都市土地 Urban land
都市計畫 Urban planning
都市計畫法 The Urban Planning Act
最有效使用 Highest and best use
殘餘價格率 Ratio of salvage value
測量標 Measuring mark
無主土地 Ownerless land
無害通過 Innocent passage
登記申請書 Application forms
登記清冊 Registration lists
登記規費 Registration tariffs
登記費 Registration fees
登記儲金 Registration Fund
登臨 Visit
等距中線 Equidistant median line
絕對效力 Conclusive validity
鄉村區 Rural district
開發 Exploitation
覘標 Slight vane
塗銷登記 Registration of cancellation
損害賠償責任 The compensation for damage
經紀人員 Broking agents
經紀業倫理規範 The ethics principle of broking agency
經濟耐用年數 Economic life
義務人 Obligor
補正 Supplement
農地重劃 Farmland readjustment
農作改良物 Agricultural improvements
農村社區 Rural community
農村社區土地重劃 Rural community land readjustment
農牧用地 Farming and grazing lands
農牧經營企業 Agricultural and animal husbandry industries
農業用地 Agricultural land
預告登記 Registration of caution
預售屋 Presale house
圖根測量 Supplementary control survey
撤銷徵收 Cancellation of expropriation
管理者變更登記 Registration of change of administrator
管道 Pipeline
管轄權 Jurisdiction
緊追權 Hot pursuit
維護 Maintain
罰鍰 Fines
臺灣地區人民 People of the Taiwan Area
需用土地人 The applicant
領海 Territorial sea
駁回 Dismiss
價格日期 Date of value opinion
價格日期調整 Date adjustments
徵用 Compulsorily use
徵收補償 Compensations for expropriation
徵收補償 Expropriation compensation
徵收補償費 Compensation for compulsory purchase
標尺 Stave
標石 Pillar
標示變更登記 Registration of change of descriptions
標柱 Staff pile
Staff stand
標桿 Pole
標旗 Flag
標樁 Stake
衛星定位測量 GPS measurement
鄰接區 Contiguous zone
閱覽費 Viewing fees
養護 Conservation
舖設 Lay
整體經濟發展 Overall economic development
燈標 Beacon
衡平原則 Principle of equality
優先購買權 Preferential right
檢查 Inspection
營業保證金 Guaranty bond
營業處所 Business office
總收入 Potential gross income
總費用 Total expenses
類似地區 Similar area
礦業用地 Mining lands
繼承登記 Registration of inheritance
權利人 Obligee
權利價值 The value of right of land for compensation
變更 Modify
囑託登記 Registration of request